UK must avoid over-reliance on Huawei 5G technology

The British parliament has cautioned the nation's tech industry to avoid relying on Huawei technologies. They pledge with industry experts to come up with better alternatives. 

All Huawei 5G kits to be replaced before 2026

The British government has mandated that all Huawei 5G accessories must be changed by all UK networks before 2028. The UK needs a new technological policy if it doesn't want to be left vulnerable, a parliamentary group has insisted. After reversing its decision to use the Chinese firm, Huawei has made the UK over-reliant on suppliers from some 5G tech suppliers. 

However, its policy to combat this anomaly has been frustrating and fruitless. This technological supply issue has extended to other areas like Artificial intelligence and Quantum. There have been various quality 5G telecommunications networks developed in the UK which they hope will aid internet connection and economic growth.

However, the house overseeing technology and science in the country says the process is too expensive and affected by several government bureaucracies. There have been growing security concerns about Huawei technology, which has not been helped by US sanctions. 

Source for better technology alternatives - UK house

There are just two other firms that are capable of supplying such techs, which brings another safety concern. The UK 5G supply policy has been proposed is based on open standards and quality measurements. The house of common said the country shouldn't just rely on a single avenue, that all available options should be looked at. 

The committee wants a good and decisive plan within the next four months however other technology issues are essential to the UK government. The UK is considering AI and quantum computing which could have offered immense benefits and security problems, especially with the growing tech innovation in China. 

The committee wants the UK government to encourage technological research and development which will drive the industry to greater heights and bring more development to the country.

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