Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine may stop the massive transmission of the COVID-19 virus

There have been various researches on stopping the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. However, it seems the AstraZeneca vaccine can reduce transmission to a great degree. 

AstraZeneca vaccine could limit Covid-19 transmission rate

 Recent research of the AstraZeneca vaccine said it seems it could greatly reduce the transmission of the virus, and not just prevent its infection. This research was carried out by some UK health officials who based their results on several studies. 

A positive test of Covid-19 reduced by half after giving volunteers two doses of the vaccine according to new results from Oxford University. Their results which were released on Wednesday also suggest spacing doses of the vaccine could have great potential. 

The research didn't consider direct transmission from infected patients 

Also, a jab of the AstraZeneca vaccine shows great potency in volunteers. It is important to mention that this research didn't gauge direct transmission, but the medical researchers collected swabs from some volunteers and discovered that PCR positive test percentages were greatly reduced. 

After administering one jab, the positives rate fell by 69%.  Nasal swabs were collected weekly irrespective of symptoms were shown by volunteers showing symptoms or not, this was done to ascertain the effect of infection and possible transmission. 

A plethora of coronavirus trials has largely investigated how the infection could be prevented for both asymptomatic and symptoms. A professor at the school of health in the UK stated that this data could mean the vaccine is effective against transmission, however further studies will confirm the validity. 

Associate professor Doug Brown of the UK society of immunology said that

'' This study could mean that the AstraZeneca vaccine has the efficacy to stop the massive spread of the COVID-19 virus. Though the idea is welcomed, we shouldn't be jubilant yet, but need to conduct more study before we can affirm if it is true. Therefore, everyone should still adhere to social distance protocols till they get the jabs. ''

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