US House members fail to penalize erring Greene and Cheney

The Republican caucus in the US house has refused to sanction members who went against the party's wishes. Republicans Green and Cheney have both been pardoned over their offenses.

US republican members forgive Green and Cheney 

Members of the Republican caucus at the US congress have refused to penalize fresh members Majorie Taylor Greene for unsavory statements against the Democrats and also for backing the impeachment of former republican President Donald Trump. 

This decision was taken after a closed-door meeting among all members. This seems to put to bed internal troubles among members during the Trump presidency. 

According to state reporters, a vote of 145-61 was the result of which decided not to penalize Liz Cheney and strip her of the number 3 position in the House of Representatives. Liz Cheney, like some eight republican members, has chosen to side with the Democrats to impeach Donald Trump on January 12 after the riots at the Capitol municipal. 

The other 198 Republicans had resisted such an act and voted for Trump to stay. 

'' Republicans have decided that they are not going to strip any member of their leadership position '' Cheney stated. 

I didn't regret voting for Trump's impeachment - Cheney 

She also told reporters that she didn't regret voting to have President Trump impeached, that it was the right decision at that time. The Republicans have also decided to forgive Greene after she spun various conspiracy stories and offered tacit support for violence against Democrats. 

Members at the meeting said she was warmly welcomed and promised never to do such again. After her apology, the majority of the members decided to bury the hatchet. Greene could however still be stripped of some major assignments as Democrats will still decide to punish her.

 A Democrat said 

'' Members have to be responsible and not threaten anyone with acts of violence, we will decide the next step to take by next week. ''